Rubber Crawlers

We offer conventional rubber crawlers for various brands and models of Micro, Mini and Midi Excavators.

Our rubber crawlers, manufactured from top grade natural rubber, have undergone stringent quality control to ensure maximum wear resistance. High tensile steel cord within the rubber crawlers allow them to withstand the high tension and severe shock during movement of the excavators. In addition, all of our rubber crawler are further strengthened by layers of canvas to ensure each and every one meets or exceeds international safety standards.

Rubber crawlers are popular in Singapore for reasons such as:

  •  Superior traction for easy movement
  • Lower ground pressure to minimize damage to the ground
  • Lower noise during movement, minimizing discomforts in crowded work areas
  • Lighter operating weight for excavators
  • Shock absorbing to generate less vibration to excavator chasis.

If you’re looking for rubber crawlers for your excavators, do drop us an enquiry at info@surrellengineering.com.

Brands which our rubber crawlers support include:

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