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TK parts is compatible with a wide range of hydraulic breaker brands. Drop us a call at+41 26 588 06 33 if you have any enquiries!

Our genuine TK parts are manufactured exclusively in Japan and are designed to meet your machine's specifications. Consistent parts quality is ensured to optimumize your machine's performance and productivity.

Our focus on fast-moving and fast-wearing common hydraulic attachment parts (such as Chisels, Wear Bush, Lock Pins, Seal Kits, Tie rods etc) ensures that our stock levels remain replenished so you don't have to wait for your part, ensuring a fast turnaround whether it's a service or repair.

These parts are readily available and no order, either locally or from overseas, is too small or too large for us.

Major brands supported include:

Brands of Hydraulic Breakers Supported

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