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Since the 80s, Daemo Engineering has established itself as a global brand specializing in excavator attachments and the Shears’ powerful cutting performances highlights Daemo’s strength as an excavator attachment manufacturer.

Engineered to maximize performance, longevity and safety with significantly reduced maintenance time, Daemo Shears Series are economically priced and yet have the same qualities and features of popular global brands, allowing clients to perform cutting operations efficiently but at lower costs.

All components of Daemo Hydraulic Shears can be easily removed or accessed for servicing, reducing man hour costs and maximizing your uptime.

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  • Cut H, I Beams easily at any angles with Daemo Shears’ 360 degree rotating hydraulic motor and easy changing of cutter blades

  • Faster operation speed as Daemo Shears are equipped with speed valve (optional)

  • Extremely durable and hard frame as Daemo Shears are made from Hardox steel, one of the strongest material in the world.

  • Increased cutting efficiency and durability of Daemo Shears manufactured with their BOX Technology developed by Daemo Engineering Research Institute, making the shears lighter, stronger and faster
  Model DMS250 DMS300 DMS330 DMS550X
Operating Weight kg 2200 2920 2790 6800
Overall Length mm 2353 2410 2588 5056
Max Opening Width mm 668 570 806 802
Max Cutting Force Ton 259 354 354 1468
Operating Pressure kgf/cm2 320 320 320 340
Oil Flow Litres/Min 200~250 250~300 250~300 250~320
Suitable Excavator Range Ton 22 ~ 27  27 ~ 33 27 ~ 33 Above 36 (2nd), Above 50 (3rd)

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