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Secondary Crusher

Combined with 77 years of experience, world class precision engineering and stringent quality control, Okada Aiyon Corporation has been to produce class leading hydraulic attachments.

Okada products are also renowned for their with their long product life and consistently high quality output, making them extremely popular in the used attachment market.

In addition to Okada’s technological expertise, the company continually innovates to expand the capabilities and versatility of their hydraulic attachments, so our clients can rest assured of the quality of our Okada’s attachment series.

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A) OSC Series

Powerful and Efficient

  • Okada’s special geometric design allows cylinder output to be converted into strong crushing force in consistent manner with a short cycle time

  • Okada crushing teeth, made of wear resistant cast alloy, combines both pulverizing wedges and cutter blades to efficiently process reinforced concrete.

  • Class leading large jaw opening and larger crushing area to crusher more concrete at one go

Longer lasting

  • Standard built-in pressure relief valve protects the attachment against overloading.

  • Quality manufacturing process to ensure their crushers are lightweight and protected by a high tensile strength steel structure for excellent durability.

  • Cylinder rod are vital to crushers to operate properly. Okada crushers are equipped with cylinder rod protector and the location of the hydraulic cylinder in the crusher frame protects the cylinder rod from any exposure to concrete rubble.

B) ORC Series

Powerful and Efficient

  • The ORC series can function as both Primary or Secondary Crusher due to its built in rotary mechanism

  • Faster crushing speed with Okada’s unique speed valve, which utilizes return oil from the hydraulic cylinders to greatly increase the cycle speed of Okada’s crusher.

  • Cut easier with the reversible 180mm long cutter blades

Longer lasting

  • Unique double "shell shaped" wedges frame made with Hardox 400 steel, one of the hardest material in the world

  • Bracket design maximizes protection given to important components such as the piston, rotate motor, speed valve & hydraulic hoses to ensure a lasting crusher.

  • Hardfacing process applied  to wear parts.
Okada OSC Crusher Series
  Model OSC-35AV OSC-70AV OSC-135AV* OSC-200AV* OSC-360AV OSC-500AV OSC-650AV
Operating Weight kg 280 650 1090 1790 3090 4800 5420
Overall Length mm 1245 1580 1930 2190 2700 3090 3625
Overall Height mm 705 960 1175 1410 1760 2135 2210
Max Jaw Opening mm 430 600 720 860 1105 1417 1500
Cutter blade length mm 90 100 150 150 180 215 215
Crushing Force (At center) kN 305 450 600 880 1000 1115 1400
Operating Pressure Mpa 25 28 28 32 32 32 32
Suitable excavator Range Ton 3 - 5 6 - 9 10 - 16 18 - 25 30 - 45 40 - 100 50 - 100

* Electric or Permanent Magnet option available


  Model ORC200V   
Rotation Type  Hydraulic Rotation (HR)   
Operating Weight kg 2050   
Overall Length mm 2300   
Overall Height mm 1518   
Max Jaw Opening mm 805   
Cutter blade length mm 180   
Crushing Force (At center) kN 900   
Operating Pressure Mpa 32   
Suitable excavator Range Ton 18 - 35   

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