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N Series

First produced in 1973 with Krupp Berco Bautechnik, the pioneer of hydraulic breakers, Konan's MKB hydraulic breakers are manufactured to produce high impact force to demolish the hardest concrete and rocks.

The N Series of MKB hydraulic breakers emphasises on simple, light yet efficient design to allow easier operations and extended product lifespan. Numerous unique functions are also available for clients to enhance and customize the hydraulic breakers to suit their needs and reduce operating and maintenance costs.

The N Series is generally suitable for excavators between 6 to 15 tons.

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  • Simple yet efficient design to produce lower noise levels and vibration during operations

  • High impact power through MKB’s unique oil pressure & nitrogen gas driving system

    • Through the combination of hydraulic oil pressure and nitrogen gas, MKB hydraulic breakers has high powered and efficient driving mechanism to reduce energy loss and maximise impact force

    • More power and higher operation efficiency

  • Non-accumulator models

    • By eliminating the need for accumulators, MKB hydraulic breakers reduces operating and maintenance costs due to periodic replacements for traditional rubber accumulators.

  • Built-in control valve

    • With a built-in control valve, MKB hydraulic breakers not only have a lighter operating weight, operating and maintenance costs due to periodic replacements of control valve are reduced.


N series Weight with bracket & chisel (KG) Overall length with chisel (mm) Chisel diameter (mm) Standard blowing frequency (Blow/min) Required oil flow rate (litres/min) Operating oil pressure (Mpa) Applicable excavator (Ton) Special applications
MKB500N 420 1813 80 470~1000 40 ~ 85 13 ~ 15 6 ~ 11 Non-accumulator mechanism, Built in control valve system
MKB900N 820 2154 100 440~750 65 ~ 110 14 ~ 17 10 ~ 15

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