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Since the 80s, Daemo Engineering has established itself as a global brand specializing in excavator attachments and the powerful breaking performance of the Alicon Breaker Series highlights Daemo’s strength as an excavator attachment manufacturer.

The Alicon Breaker Series represents great value for money by combining the latest IT and eco-friendly technologies such as the TPC and ABF systems to develop efficient, powerful hydraulic breakers. These ensures the Alicon Breaker Series rivals, if not excel the main qualities and features of globally leading brands but at a much more affordable price.

The mini range is suitable for excavators of 10 tons and below. All components of Daemo Hydraulic Breakers can be easily removed or accessed for servicing, reducing man hour costs and maximizing your uptime.

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Total Power Control System (TPC)

  • Increase your work efficiency with this state-of-the-art system which enables operators to control impact power and BPM suitable for various working condition with a stroke selector.

Anti Blank Firing System (ABF)

  • Reduce maintenance costs with the ABF system. It prevents the chisel pin, through bolt and front head from being damaged during blank firing, which occurs after rock breaking by preventing the firing of the breaker automatically.

Energy Regeneration System (For B600 to B800)

  • Increase work efficiency with this system which improves impact power up to 15%. This is done by recycling recoil energies of previous chisel firings to provide the extra punch to subsequent chisel firings.

Two-Stroke Selecting System

  • Optimize work performance by choosing between long and short stroke depending on operation needs with the 2 stroke selector.

Automated Grease Bracket Mounted System (Optional)

  • Automated process which reduces manpower needs and human negligence.
  • Reduces maintenance costs by increasing product lifespan, especially chisels.
  • Greasing can reduce the need for additional driving power to operate the Hydraulic Breaker.
  • Applicable from Breaker models B140 to B800.

Remote Two-Stroke Control System (Optional)

  • Simple and fast to switch stroke. The operator can do so in the comfort of the excavator cabin as the system is connected to the cabin, increasing work efficiency.


  Model B10 B20 B30 B40
Operating Weight kg 123 155 190 199
Overall Length mm 1128 1250 1352 1380
Chisel Diameter mm 40 45 53 62
Chisel Length mm 425 500 580 625
Operating Pressure kgf/cm2 80~110 80~110 90~120 90~120
Oil Flow Litres/min 15~25 20~30 25~40  30~50
Blowing Frequency (H/Speed) Beats/min 800~1200 600~1000 550~950 400~1000
Suitable Excavator Range Ton 0.5 - 1.5 0.8 - 1.5 1.2 - 4 3 - 4.5

  Model B50 B70 B90
Operating Weight kg 333 431 614
Overall Length mm 1603 1805 1981
Chisel Diameter mm 70 78 85
Chisel Length mm 730 806 850
Operating Pressure kgf/cm2 100~140 100~140 100~140
Oil Flow Litres/min 30~55 45~80 50~100
Blowing Frequency (H/Speed) Beats/min 350~900 (450~1000) 350~900 (450~1000) 350~700 (550~950)
Suitable Excavator Range Ton 3 - 8 5 - 8 6 - 9

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