Hydraulic excavators, mini, midi or large range, are extremely versatile in the construction industry and can be also used for lifting, moving and placing a wide range of materials. As such, it is important that hydraulic excavator operators are trained to properly lift loads or materials.

The Akita A200 Rated Capacity Indicator ( RCI) is an intelligent safety system specifically designed for excavators to provide the essential rated capacity indication across the machine's full working range for safe and efficient lifting.

The Akita A200 system and its sensors manufactured to ensure they comply with ISO standards and local safety regulations, so clients can be assured of a safety working environment for ground crew and yet increasing the productivity of your excavator.

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Lift Safely

  • Real time monitoring of lifting operations by Akita A200 System

    • Real time visual and audio indications will be given by the system to ensure that the operators perform lifting operations within safe lifting limits at all times.

  • See easily in both night and day with our bright LED display.

  • Complimentary Load Chart for the machine’s full working range will be given to further increase lifting safety.


  • The Akita A200 system includes 2 solid state inclinometer and pressure transducer to provide accurate readings for the excavator operators.


  • Reduce manpower cost. Lifting operations done by excavators equipped with an Akita A200 system only requires a skeleton crew.

  • A complimentary one time registration for a Lifting Equipment Cert (LE Cert) by Ministry of Manpower in accordance to WSH act will be provided.  

  • Service to renewal of LE Cert annually is also available.

Please visit our Catalog page under Parts & Services for the full product specifications.

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