8050 ZTS

JCB recognizes the global need for ever-more-compact machines without compromising on speed, power and productivity. Benchmarked against conventional as well as zero tailswing models, JCB mini excavator series can more than compete, particularly when it comes to stability and power.

The JCB 8050 ZTS mini excavator is powered by a Perkins engine, making it one of the most powerful machines in its class. That power is translated into superb digging and tracking performance by a load-sensed hydraulic system, providing big tearout forces, high tractive effort and impressive tracking speeds.

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Built for productivity

  • Powered by a Perkins 34kW engine, JCB 8050 ZTS is one of the most powerful machines in its class capable of generating impressive tearout forces and tracking speeds

  • Increased versatility with JCB 8050 ZTS’s compatibility with various hydraulic attachments to suit clients’ requirements

  • Easy maneuvering with JCB 8050 ZTS’s optimum weight distribution within the upper structure and its X-frame undercarriage

  • The Perkins engine always run at peak efficiency and not over worked, saving you fuel. This is due to the JCB 8050 ZTS’s onboard load-sensing, flow-on-demand hydraulic system which automatically controls flow and pressure, providing hydraulic oil to a service only when required.


  • JCB zero tailswing mini excavators always have a safety advantage over conventional models. Reducing impact risks in tight and crowded workspaces such as highways, ZTS models are preferred by safety officers globally
  • Optimised undercarriage designs to ensure good stability both in line and over the sides of the tracks, and to allow for ease of manoeuvring and low-effort turns.
Operating weight  Metric tons 5.2
Operating weight  Kg 5235
Engine make   Perkins
Engine model   404-22C Tier 3
Gross power kW 34.1
Gross power  hp 46.36
Max dig height mm 5491
Max dig depth mm 3725
Max ground level reach mm 5844
Max dump height  mm 3977
Boom swing, right/left  Degrees 65° / 60°
Max bucket tearout kN 42.2
Max dipper tearout kN 26.1
Overall length mm 5170
Overall height  mm 2563
Overall width  mm 1980
Length of track on ground   mm 2530
Ground Clearance mm 340

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    14 Queens Road
    Melbourne VIC 3004, Australia

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    Mon - Fri : 8.00 AM - 6.00 PM
    Sat : 9.00 AM - 5.00 PM