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Surrell Engineering Pty. Ltd. is here to support your complex construction needs.

We are here to kick-start your new construction project and make sure you get off on the right foot. Our remarkable fleet of heavy and light equipment bear the brands of renowned and well-trusted companies in the industry.

Not sure which kind of equipment you would require for your upcoming / current project? We will gladly assist you to find the right equipment to ensure that your project requirements are met.

We are also here to see you through your construction projects, (large or small). If your machines are being worn out by time, getting in the way of your project schedules, we help to fuel the process with our extensive range of spare parts and efficient repair and maintenance services.

Lastly, we will be here to share your joy after the completion of yet another successful construction project. Because we are here for you every step of the way.

Our Guiding Values & Competitive Edge

Cultivating relationships goes a really long way.

Having been in this industry for decades, we have learned many things about how machines work. But our biggest learning lies in how relationships work.

Over the decades, many things about the company and the industry have changed. But one thing has remained constant - our uncompromising emphasis on working relationships.

As a family business built on strong familial ties, we see something special in relationships. This is why we value all stakeholders who form a part of our business ecosystem. Whether you are a supplier, a client or a service provider, we will treat you with respect and consideration.

We consciously conduct our business with integrity and honesty. This is because we believe in building lasting relationships and having integrity and honesty always brings you the furthest.

In line with our company’s emphasis on relationships, we believe in offering quality customer service. We see ourselves as a solution provider, here to serve your complex construction needs in a most productive and meaningful way. This is why we have streamlined our business operations in a way that will allow us to serve your fast-paced industry most efficiently.

Our Partners

Hyundai Construction Equipment

Hyundai Construction Equipment aims to revolutionise the construction equipment business in Singapore with its cutting edge technology in the excavator market and seeks to be the market leader in terms of customer delight and market share. 

OKADA Aiyon Corporation

OKADA AIYON, one of the leading Japanese manufactuer for hydraulic attachments, is reknown for their precised engineering and stringent quality controls to increase the ROI for their customers with long product lifespan and consistent high quality output. To meet the ever evolving demands of the global economy, OKADA AIYON is also heavily commited to expand and improve their product range to ensure satisfaction for their customers.

DAEMO Engineering Co Ltd

A leading manufacturers of hydraulic attachments in South Korea since its founding in 1989 , DAEMO has been commited to developing state-of-art hydraulic attachments and exported through its three overseas branches in the U.S, China, Belgium and its network of overseas dealers in over 50 countries. With their accumulated experience of technology development, production quality and export competency, DAEMO was awarded by South Korea's trade promotion organization (KOTRA) in 2010, 2011 and 2015.


Formally established in 2005, Konan Construction Machunery Company first started as a construction machinery division of Konan Electrics back in 1970s. The company produced hydraulic breakers under a license agreement with Krupp Berco Bautechnik, the German company which pioneered the hydraulic breakers. With Konan's strong experience with manufacturing of industrial pneumatic components, the MKB Hydraulic Breaker series are designed to be powerful yet efficient to maximise your return of investments.


Strong Construction Machinery Co Ltd

A wholly-owned subsidiary of Shandong Heavy Industry Group, Strong Construction Machinery was established in 2010 to fortify the group’s position in the excavator market. Over the years, Strong has flourished both locally and internationally, establishing strong networks in Europe, South America, Africa, and the Middle East. As a heavy investor in R&D, Strong is currently at the forefront of technological innovation in electronic control system, shock absorption, noise reduction, and energy efficiency.

Ozkanlar Hydraulic Machinery Manufacturing Co. Ltd

Ozkanlar Hydraulic Machinery Manufacturing Co. Ltd, established in 1987, is an international Turkish company specializing in the manufacturing vibratory hammers for piling applications. With an established global network in over 25 different countries and a strong emphasis on R&D led by experienced teams with strong technical backgrounds, Ozkanlar strives to ensure customer satisfaction with their products and strong after sales services.

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